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1-ON-1 Mentoship

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Personal 1-ON-1 Mentoring from Dontez Akram (ONLY 3 SPOTS AVAILABLE)

This will include....

  • A Lifetime of personal access to Dontez Akram

  • Text & phone calls at any time

  • Direction & guidance on things necessary to take you or your business to the next level

  • All my personal lessons & failures handed to you

  • Access to all 6 of my courses for no additional charge

  • Free lifetime membership to Limitless Investmentz Server

  • Access to my team & resources that will greatly benefit you

  • Insight on my upcoming moves

  • Honest opinions on your website, business, strategies and more

  • Guidance on investing, legalizing your business, smart moves to make with your money, when to cut losses in certain areas

  • Motivation to be better than you've ever been from someone who has constantly evolved every 6 months

The most important thing about this mentorship program is that you'll get guided from someone reputable & who has accomplished a lot in 2 years. All the lessons i wish i learned earlier will be given to you. You will still bump your head, make mistakes, and lose money but you will have my assistance and guidance on overcoming those things.

This is only for people who are interested in bettering themselves, and have the finances to invest in this mentorship as well as the funds to make correct investments. If you don't have the mentality for this it will be even harder so before signing up ask yourself are you open minded enough to learn from someone with completely different views.

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

Lifetime personal access to Dontez Akram & Mentorship that'll help you build your brand, invest your money, and motivation to reach new levels

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1-ON-1 Mentoship

2 ratings