How to Build A Converting Shopify Store or Brand

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E-commerce Secrets — How to Build a Shopify Brand and Magnify its Conversion Rate

Start your own Shopify store and learn from a 6-figure e-Commerce entrepreneur how to build a store around a product that converts sales in your sleep!


✅ How to Build a Shopify Store & Brand

✅ Which Themes and Fonts are Best for High Conversion Rates

✅ How to Get Traffic to Your Store

✅ Which Apps Will Bring Your Business the Most Profit

✅ The Dos and Don’ts of Holding Inventory and Dropshipping

✅ How to Sell the Stores You Build On Shopify Exchange

✅ How to Successfully Target the Right Audience with Ads

✅ How to Communicate/Negotiate with Suppliers

✅ How to Handle Taxes

✅ A Direct Path to Making Your Money Back as an Affiliate for this Course

Follow along step-by-step as I show you exactly how to build your own Shopify website and brand. I have documented everything from evaluating your initial idea and making the most of this course to learning how to build and sell your very own website. You don’t need a huge following or a large amount of start-up capital to create this extra stream of income. I provide determined, detailed-oriented individuals with a fool-proof path to e-commerce success. You also will be able to make back the money you spent on this course as an affiliate!

About Your Instructor:

Dontez has run sales since he was 17 years old, first as a cable salesman, and then in a car dealership. At just 18, he was drawn to E-commerce after noticing a growing demand for durags in his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio. He then turned his venture into an E-commerce store, Snag-A-Rag, a brand that now has earned over 6-figures, 14,000 email subscribers, and 37.6K followers on Instagram.

Dontez has not only demonstrated his knowledge and ability through successfully selling Durags on his Shopify store but also through building a community of self-motivated entrepreneurs on Twitter and Instagram, with whom he passionately shares his knowledge in E-commerce.

Dontez started Snag-A-Rag with $30, which he flipped into $50,000 in just 10-months after his brand’s inception.

A Word from Dontez:

“In this course, I’ll be sharing with you everything I’ve learned in starting and building a successful Shopify store. On top of an exclusive walkthrough, as I review my two current brands, I will also review and reveal to you my dropshipping general store.

I am really proud of this course and the fact that the information that I’m sharing with you is truly priceless and game-changing. To celebrate your new venture, I’ve even included special bonuses that I hope will have you excited to begin your career in e-Com.”

Who this Course is For:

• This course is designed for people who want to start or build a successful online business

• Those who want to start a business with little start-up capital required

• People who have never started an online business or executed one properly

• People who want to build a brand or store with a high sales conversion rate

• People who are looking to have an extra stream of income

• People who may already have Shopify brands but need help getting to the next level

What We’re Giving Away:

Free Access to Project eCom

50% off all work from @theecomsjournal

3+ hours of knowledge on building a successful brand 

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This course is 5+ hours of straight knowledge! I step by step build a brand for you, teach you how to sell them, and create a direct path to making your money back you spent on this course!


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How to Build A Converting Shopify Store or Brand

100 ratings
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