The Exclusive Vendors List

Dontez Akram
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The Exclusive Vendor List is a list of exclusive vendors who have been vetted and researched. They are handpicked by myself, to ensure they are trustworthy and high quality vendors that provide excellent customer service. This list saves you time searching for new suppliers, as well as gives you access to information about different types of vendors in one place.

With this list you'll get the following:

- 25 Manufacturers+ (Bonuses at the end)

- Step-by-Step instructions on how to negotiate

- Step-by-Step instructions on how to communicate with them

This product has been recently updated 4/30/2022

I've added 10 new manufacturers to help give you guys more and better quality options!

Kickstart your business without wasting time on finding and testing suppliers!

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A list of 25+ Manufacturers that you can use for any brand that you want to start! Also comes with instructions on how to negotiate and communicate with the manufacturers!(7 Pages long)

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The Exclusive Vendors List

31 ratings
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