Creating A 5 Star Course From Scratch

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✔️ How to create an entire course from start to finish with 5-Star Ratings

✔️ Every tool and platform you need to professionally record and market your course

✔️ Everything a great course has and keys to make your course the best

✔️ How to run ads for your course and find your target audience

✔️ Dontez’s Do’s & Dont’s in creating a course

✔️ How to build a tribe of affiliates to expand the growth of your course

✔️ A Step-by-step method for getting people to leave high ratings on your course

✔️ Solutions to the common problems people run into when creating online courses

✔️ Webinars vs. E-Books: which one is better?

✔️ How to create an email list from people who purchase your course and use this list to consistently give them value and generate more sells in the future

Now more than ever, knowledge makes money. There is no better way to make money in your sleep than by demonstrating your expertise through building online courses.

If you want to make a nationwide impact or solidify your leadership as an entrepreneur, creating a 5-star course is a must.

“Creating a 5 Star Course From Scratch” is a masterclass on producing and selling courses quickly and profitably. I show you every tool I use to make six-figures annually in profit from my courses.

When I started out, I didn’t know what to avoid or how to fix common problems that course creators run into when making e-courses. I made this course so that you can efficiently make a course by learning from my mistakes.

If I made over $300,000 a year in courses without much instruction, imagine what you’ll be capable of after completing this masterclass.

I show you what NOT to do and mistakes people always make so that you can come out on top. Even if you have already published a course before, I guarantee you this course will take you, your profit, and your following to the next level.

You may be thinking that you’re not an instructor or an entrepreneur and don’t have anything worth teaching. If you feel this way, you’re only blocking yourself from achieving financial freedom.

Online courses are for anyone with any type of knowledge or skill. Whether that be how to build an Instagram following, personal development, or fitness. The possibilities are endless.

I started my career just selling durags in my Shopify store and quickly realized how much money I was missing out on in passive income from e-courses.

Just a year later, I’m ranked in the top 20 educators on a global e-course platform, Gumroad. 


Just this year, Dontez Akram has earned over $300,000 with only 3 online courses that have all earned 5-star ratings on the e-course platform Gumroad. As a self-made entrepreneur, Akram has run e-commerce sales since he was 18 years old. He was drawn to dropshipping and eventually turned this venture into an e-commerce store, Snag-A-Rag. After growing Snag-A-Rag into a 6-figure enterprise, Akram began creating online courses with the knowledge he gained.

He’s featured on Gumroad as the #13 best educators on their platform and has helped over 5,500 people who have taken his courses develop multiple streams of income and achieve financial freedom. Akram is also the founder of project, eCom which is a platform designed to grow brands and serve as a networking community so that those engaged can be as successful as possible.

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Creating A 5 Star Course From Scratch

74 ratings
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