So You Wanna Build A Clothing Brand?

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In this course, I’m sharing my secrets to how I created my 6-figure clothing brand 1Luv.

Many people have an idea for their brand but don’t know how to truly run a profitable business. I’m giving you a step-by-step blueprint that will guide you through creating your brand and making your first sales all the way through paying your taxes and growing your profit.

This course is the only course you will find that includes finding suppliers, fulfilling your orders, marketing, AND a complete rundown of Instagram and Facebook Ads.

Most e-commerce entrepreneurs would sell these courses separately but “So You Wanna Build a Clothing Brand” is everything you need in one place for a fraction of the price.

With this masterclass, I’ll even coach you through the setbacks associated with clothing brands, savings accounts, and trademarking, AKA all of the things everyone forgets when they try to start a clothing brand.

Apply what's in this course & the information will allow you to establish a brand that will be here to stay. All the time, we see people create a “clothing brand,” they sell a few t-shirts and then we never hear from them again.

This isn’t that. All of my students are professionals and I will teach you how to take your brand to the next level. My course is for anyone thinking of starting their own clothing brand and for those who already have a clothing brand but want to break into 6-figure profits.

I love helping people build their own brands because of all of the freedom and success I’ve made with mine. Becoming your own boss allows you to live life differently. By owning your brand, you will be able to put your passion into products that represent yourself and your loved ones and nothing beats that.

Enroll in this course today and begin your journey to a successful clothing brand and financial freedom.

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- The mentality to create a profitable business out of an idea, brand name, and slogans

- How to find suppliers and buy samples to verify products/suppliers

- How to negotiate and break down numbers

- Ways to earn and find money to start and fund your business venture

- Things you want to avoid when starting your brand


- How to execute photoshoots & building the vision for your brand

- The best way to organize your clothing

- Keys to email and text message marketing

- Everything you need to know about marketing and advertising; How to Use Facebook and Instagram Ads


- How to do Your first Pre-Order

- Do’s and Don’ts to buying your first shipment

- The best way to fulfill your orders including: getting shipping labels, printing each label, getting the right packing supplies, tracking numbers

- Finding and securing a fulfillment center when you’re ready to scale your business

- Walkthrough of how to build a strong community by growing your Instagram following and engagement

- Blueprint to handling setbacks within your brand and business

- Learning how to appreciate the journey and focusing on the purpose of your vision, mission, and business


- How to set up a bank account, an LLC or S-Corp, EINs (employee identification numbers), and trademarking

- How to save correctly & handle taxes

- What to do with your profits and how to make that earned money work for you


- You will receive 2 interviews from 2 other 6-7 figure business owners 

- Von (IG: Vonnn.8) aka CEO of VCN clothing (IG:

- Kayla Parrilla (IG: Kayla.Parrilla) aka CEO of KingsPlay (IG: Kingsplayapparel)

- You will receive 3 different insights on how 3 different brands were created, scaled, and branded! This is never before seen information and is only accessible by taking this course


Dontez Akram has successfully founded and grown three 6-figure businesses, including his clothing brand, 1LUV and durag ecommerce store, Snag-A-Rag. Outside of his clothing brand, just this year, Dontez Akram has earned over $300,000 with only 3 online courses that have all earned 5-star ratings on the e-course platform Gumroad. As a self-made entrepreneur, Akram has run e-commerce sales since he was 18 years old. He was drawn to dropshipping and eventually turned to delivering durags door-to-door into an e-commerce store, Snag-A-Rag. After growing Snag-A-Rag into a 6-figure enterprise, Akram began building 1Luv and creating online courses with the knowledge he gained.

He’s featured on Gumroad as the #13 best educators on their platform and has helped over 5,500 people who have taken his courses develop multiple streams of income and achieve financial freedom. Akram is also the founder of project, eCom which is a platform designed to grow brands and serve as a networking community so that those engaged can be as successful as possible

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The long awaited step by step course that will walk you through taking your clothing brand idea & turning it into a full blown successful brand that can last & be passed to your children

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So You Wanna Build A Clothing Brand?

167 ratings
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