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So You Wanna Make Money Online?

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So you wanna make money online? Tired of seeing everyone start online business? Maybe you're having trouble starting or getting sales? This course is the solution to 99% of your problems when it comes to making money online


✔️ 6 Full Courses (Over 15 Hours+ Hours Long!)

- “Everything You Need to Know About E-Commerce” 

- “How to Build a Converting Shopify Store or Brand”

- “The Scenario Method: Facebook Ads”

- "Creating A 5 Star Course From Scratch

- "So You Want to Build A Clothing Brand"

- "Financial Literacy Made Easy"

These Courses Include......

✔️ How to Gain Traffic & Converting Audience

✔️ How to Test and Find High Converting Products

✔️ How to Build a Shopify Store & Brand

✔️ The Dos and Don’ts of Holding Inventory and Drop-shipping

✔️ The “Scenario Method” step-by-step way to run profitable ads to sell your products, courses, or services and grow your Instagram account all by using Facebook Ads

✔️ How to Optimize your Instagram Growth by Increasing Followers, Likes, Engagement, and Sales

✔️ The Secret Way to Scale your Ads After they Become Successful and Profit Big

✔️ Critical Rules for Scaling Your Business

✔️ How to Handle Taxes for Your Shopify Store and Facebook Ad Account

✔️ How to Build A Clothing Brand From Scratch

✔️ Coming up with & recording your very first course

✔️ Finding suppliers & negotiating

✔️ Fulfillment centers & outsourcing

✔️ How to mentally come up with a game plan to build wealth

✔️ Legalizing your business & taxes

✔️ Finding the best performing Shopify Apps & setting them up

✔️ Saving Vs. Investing & how to grow your profits outside of your business

& So much more!

This bundle provides the foundation for not only becoming an e-commerce expert and earning passive income but also shifting your mindset to obtain wealth & strategize how you'll do it and what you'll do once you achieve it. Our So You Wanna Make Money Online is for both beginners and professionals who are eager to create sustainable income and build an exceptional brand + create multiple streams of income using the skill sets learned within this bundle course. In this course, I give all my personal wealth building strategies & all my lessons i've learned within the last 2 years of being an entrepreneur.


I have been fortunate enough to earn much of my profit without significant losses. I created this bundle to be foundational knowledge so that my students can avoid large losses and rookie mistakes.


About Your Instructor:

Dontez has run sales since he was 17 years old, first as a cable salesman, and then in a car dealership. At just 18, he was drawn to Dropshipping after noticing a growing demand for durags in his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio.  He then turned his dropshipping venture into an e-commerce store, Snag-A-Rag, a brand that now has earned 6-figures, 18,000 email subscribers, and 35.2K followers on Instagram, a clothing brand, 1Luv Clothing that crossed $100,000 in sales after the first 6 months & an investment portfolio of over $400,000 at the age of 22. Key to his rapid success has been educating others over priortizing money, failing over & over again until solutions are found and last but certainly not least always looking & investing for the future


A prime example of his skill is his personal business Instagram & Twitter account, which has over 145,000 followers on Instagram & over 46,000 followers on Twitter that he pours into everyday & is known as his "Tribe"



A Word from Dontez:

This bundle is one of the best deals available for e-commerce courses, building clothing brands, developing your mentality to obtain money, and creating multiple skillsets that can breed multiple streams of income. In courses that have been vindicated by thousands of students, I share methods that have been crucial to ensuring my online success.  In addition to my personalized explanations, I demonstrate how to take care of business on the front end, by properly understanding and scaling ads, as well as the back end, by showing you how to execute paying taxes on the stores and ads you will create.


Who this Bundle is For:

●  This course is designed for people looking for a new source of both active and passive income

●  People who struggle with their mentalities & obtaining money/saving it

●  People of all ages who want to obtain online skillsets that can generate them active & passive income

●  People who want to start and scale a profitable Shopify store & Run facebook Ads

●  People who want to create a course, brand, or grow their own social media accounts

●  Social media influencers, businesses with an online presence, Facebook marketers/consultants

●  Anyone eager to become their own boss and be a successful entrepreneur!

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The ultimate 6 in 1 course bundle to learn 5 different streams of income that will help you generate, start, and scale your online business! Over 15+ Hours of information in 1 course!

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So You Wanna Make Money Online?

95 ratings
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